Five Reasons You Should Invest in Lead Generation – in Addition to Finding Leads

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It’s the end of quarter one, you have some space leftover in the budget, and you’re wondering whether continuing the lead generation campaign in the coming months is worth the investment. Sure, you’ll generate more leads, maybe you’ll even make the sale a couple more times – but you may be asking yourself whether you’ll close enough to warrant another … Read More

Human Connection First: The Sales Strategy that Stands Out From The Noise

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Today more than ever, people and spam filters are getting better at filtering out sales messages. And really, who could blame them: many of them are from a desperate salesperson that didn’t take any time understanding your needs. Because of this, one of the biggest questions salespeople should ask themselves is this: how can you build better relationships with prospects, … Read More

How to Use Account Lists in Sales Navigator To Target Even More Precisely

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How to Use Account Lists in Sales Navigator To Target Even More Precisely

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool to use for prospecting. Whether you’re just starting to get an idea of your audience or if you’re just calling down the list, it makes finding your target that much easier.  That being the case, LinkedIn’s lead searches aren’t always the most accurate. People and companies each have industries that don’t always match … Read More

Good Leads, Bad Leads, and Great Leads: 5 Ways Lead Grading Can Improve Your Lead Generation

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Everyone wants your product! That’s the dream, isn’t it? Any sales expert can tell you that there is no greater burst of serotonin than waking up to 20 people from your new marketing campaign all shouting “we want what you’re offering.”  But it isn’t always so cut and dry (people are complicated). So here we’ll show how lead grading is … Read More

How to Start a Prospecting Conversation

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How to Start a Prospecting Conversation

Nothing creates pressure quite like starting a new outbound sales campaign for the first time. Not to worry, we’re here to help you start your scripts in a way that will lead to sales conversations! At Speedwork, we value the conversation starter as a relationship-building device. Picture yourself on a Tinder date. All you know about this person is a … Read More

You’re Getting leads! Now, How Do You Convert Them to the Next Step in Your Sales Process?

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leads are requests for a phone call, more info, a referral, or a follow up

Imagine this: it’s a Monday morning, and you’re just a few days into a new marketing campaign. You have your coffee, morning news, and you’re just now opening your email. You see a new lead assigned to you from your lead tracker. It says, “Prospect would like to meet. Follow up!” It’s a lead, and now it’s up to you … Read More

The Educational Lead Generation Approach: Turn Learning into Selling

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Traditional lead generation means first establishing a target market, and then reaching out to ask “Does our product/service interest you at the moment?” If the prospect says Yes , then we commence with a tried-and-true sales process. Set a discovery call → Make the pitch → Answer questions → Field objections → Close the deal. Most of the time, this … Read More

The Ultimate Checklist for an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

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When it comes to B2B social selling, your LinkedIn profile is equivalent to your personal billboard. Your profile picture and headline will follow you into every connect request you make and every message you send. See examples here: Potential partners, customers, and employees will develop their first impressions based on the images, headline, and profile summary on your page. And … Read More