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There is a process to build and scale B2B lead generation campaigns. The reason these are effective starts with lead magnets that attract prospects with value, natural appointment setting funnels, and expert campaign management.

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Industry: Information Services
Client since April 2021 (2+ years)

Context: This client is the world’s largest reputation database. Their proprietary reputation, brand, ESG, and media impact tracking platform provides crucial insight into what your stakeholders think, feel, and say, so you can build a strong reputation.

Before engaging Speedwork, they were running campaigns for their yearly report, but Cost/Conversion was high and inbound leads were low.

We helped them rebuild their campaigns with more precise audience targeting, higher converting ad creative, along with cost optimization techniques. Within the first month, we dropped their cost/conversion by half, effectively doubling the ROI.

Additionally, we help post content regularly that shows off their great brand and personality while educating visitors about the subject matter.

Full funnel LinkedIn strategy:

  • Social media
  • ABM targeting
  • Industry segmentation
  • Global campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Retargeting

Results: These campaigns went on to generate over $4M+ in revenue at a 5x ROAS last year!


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Executive Program Scales Business using LinkedIn Ads as Main Customer Acquisition Channel.

When we started working with this account, the ad budget began at $100,000 per month.

With an ongoing split testing approach, conversion rates and ROI has increased month-over-month. After more than $7M in ad spend, this business has grown exponentially using LinkedIn Ads as their main driver of customer acquisition.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Ads Dashboard with $7 million in ad spend


Industries: SaaS / HR
Client since December 2021

Context: This client is a powerful AI-driven platform that helps you find exactly the right talent using millions of candidate attributes. Their Talent Data Cloud has a deep understanding of people with attributes to boost efficiency and reduce hiring costs.

Before engaging Speedwork, they were running a few different campaigns but CPCs and Cost/Conversion were high. They had a few leads, but those leads weren’t the perfect fits.

We helped this client revamp their LinkedIn strategy and implement a full funnel approach using multiple stages of brand awareness, lead generation, retargeting, and ABM account penetration efforts.

Full funnel LinkedIn strategy:

  • Social media
  • ABM targeting
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Retargeting
  • Demos & Consultations
  • Nurture Working Opportunities

Results: Over $1M of new pipeline opportunities in the first year.

LinkedIn Ad for a Recruiting Software Platform
LinkedIn Ad for an HR SaaS Platform
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Employee Benefits Platform Closes $25,000 in New Business From LinkedIn.

Fringe is a brand new employee benefits platform that offers companies to give benefits that can be personalized to support employees’ lifestyles and reduce stress, give time back, impact the family, and spark joy.

Our team at Speedwork Social created a brand new LinkedIn campaign for Fringe, targeting specific HR decision makers. Using the lead magnet approach, HR managers signed up to receive more information.

We used specific targeting options to focus in on the companies who would be most interested in offering this to their employees.

Fringe has added over $25,000 in new business, and is serving thousands of happy employees!

linkedin lead gen ad for HR benefits platform
linkedin campaign manager graph of leads over time

🖥 IT Software Closes $30,000 in Sales From LinkedIn

Cireson is a leading IT solutions provider for companies using the Microsoft toolset. They offer Web-based IT service and asset management for SCSM, along with Remote Support software that integrates with your Service Desk.

To find the best prospects who match their offerings, we use LinkedIn targeting to pinpoint the IT leaders who are potential customers and qualified to buy their offerings.

Speedwork Social started new LinkedIn campaigns for Cireson, beginning in the US, and expanding to include other international countries.

Cireson has reached over a hundred thousand IT leaders in their niche market, worldwide, and closed $30,000 in sales.

linkedin advertisement for software dev agency
google ads conversions for local lead gen

⚡️ Big Data Platform Signs-Up 230+ Leads/Week.

This SaaS Platform was looking to increase new user acquisition for their big data solution. The platform has a hefty price tag... so focusing on qualified leads was important. Previously they were struggling with Google Ads and wasting money on untargeted searches and people who couldn't afford the software.

We helped take over their ad accounts and rebuilt them into an effective funnel. We used LinkedIn Ads to target senior level data professional and IT decision makers to attract qualified leads.

We used specific landing pages to speak to different pain points for each customer segment.

Previously they were generating less than 10 leads/month and now they're well over 200 leads/week!

linkedin lead gen ad for big data platform
linkedin campaign manager graph of leads over timeclient testimonial from Chris about SaaS product

E-Commerce SaaS Platform Gets 45+ Leads/Month.

This SaaS platform helps online retailers double and triple their conversion rate using new technology.

They had tried out a small amount of Facebook & Google ads without many results, but were now ready to really start scaling their platform.

Our LinkedIn Ad campaigns help attract e-commerce store owners, marketing leaders, and decision makers who are prospective customers for this new technology.

We use LinkedIn Ads to specifically target bigger companies and only qualified decision makers!

linkedin advertisement for software dev agency

5-Star Review: "They are true LinkedIn Gurus. They will help grow your account. Works fast and they are happy to work with you to explain all the different nuances. Thank you for your help!"
Five-Star Testimonial: "Modern Media did a phenomenal job improving the performance of our LinkedIn ad campaigns. We immediately felt the difference and our now receiving leads for hundred of dollars less than we were previously. I can't recommend them enough."
Five star review: "With Modern Media's knowledge of LinkedIn, we were able to get support, figure out the issue, and get ads again. They are a pleasure to work with!"

📚 Meghan added more than $30,000 in new clients!

Her business helps authors who want to write a nonfiction book get published.

Writing a book proposal is the first step that most people don’t know about. No book proposal, no published book. But Meghan helps authors take that first step and has helped over 100 authors create the perfect book proposal and become published authors.

Speedwork Social created LinkedIn & Facebook campaigns that helped attract these aspiring authors. Meghan's ideal clients were online entrepreneurs, business leaders, and subject matter experts, so we sought to attract people who fit that criteria. 

Hundreds of new prospects later, Meghan has added more than $30,000 in new clients and is only getting started!

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B2B Sales Agency Attracts Tech CEOs & Sales Leaders

This sales organization helps B2B tech companies SELL.

Their ideal customer is a tech CEO or sales leader in a small and growing company. We used a LinkedIn Ads campaign to target this executive audience, and offered lead magnets on various sales topics.

Leads are nurtured via email, outbound sales call, and LinkedIn, to move them down the funnel. This campaign generates over 30 executive leads per month!

leads for b2b sales company
linkedin advertisement for outsourced B2B sales organization

👨‍💼 Sales Organization Recruits 58+ Applicants Per Month.

This west coast sales organization was ready to scale up their sales team, and they needed to attract qualified candidates.

We targeted candidates on the west coast using qualifications that would make them a good fit for the company, and for the product they would be selling.

As a result, this campaign is signing up over 50 applicants per month!

linkedin advertisement for software dev agency
linkedin advertisement for software dev agency

Enterprise Financial Software Collects 55+ Leads/Month 💰

This technology company was looking to increase lead generation for their financial software.

We helped scale their acquisition campaigns using LinkedIn Ads and Google Search & Display to target very specific and highly qualified leads.

We used LinkedIn's visitor insights and lookalike audiences to find new qualified prospects when targeting options for their ideal customer were limited.

Previously they were generating fewer than 10 leads/month and now they're well over 55 leads/month!

linkedin lead gen ad for big data platform
linkedin lead gen ad for big data platform
linkedin campaign manager graph of leads over time

Legal Platform Gets 37 Lawyer Leads in 30 Days ⚖️

This niche marketing platform was looking to attract prospects in the legal industry. Their standout feature involved document signing, perfect the legal industry.

We targeted lawyers, law firms, and legal marketing decisions makers using LinkedIn Ads. We layered on additional targeting to specifically target the law practices who would be most interested by these features.

Lawyers are typically a difficult audience to attract, but using LinkedIn's professional targeting capabilities, we were able to sign-up and over 30 qualified leads in one month.

linkedin lead gen ad for big data platform
linkedin lead gen ad for big data platform

💻 B2B SaaS Platform Attracts 500+ Leads / Month

This software platform wanted to sign-up qualified Sales Executives for their Enterprise Sales Solution.

Due to the high-ticket price tag, prospects often need multiple touchpoints before making a purchase. Therefore, we are running a lead generation campaign starting with a webinar and industry guide lead magnets.

These leads are automatically added to follow-up campaigns in Infusionsoft and receive regular updates about the product and benefits that can help them.

Then, the sales team will reach out to the prospect directly, who is now familiar with the product's benefits and ready for a sales conversation.

We are attracting leads through LinkedIn and Facebook lead forms and targeting the most qualified sales, software, and business interests.

linkedin lead form ad for client

🖥 Security Software Gets 1,555 Users at $2.26 / Install

This software solution wanted to acquire more subscription customers for their browser extension.

We used Facebook Ads to target audiences based on their technology and browser choice, so that only qualified prospects were shown ads—to eliminate any possible wasted ad spend.

We chose recognizable visuals to grab the prospect's attention and educate them on the benefits of the browser plug-in.

We acquired over 1,500 new users for the company at less than $2.26 per install!

facebook ad for tech startup
facebook ad for tech startup
facebook performance dashboard showing installs and cost per install

🚚 National Logistics Company Recruits 597 Applicants Over 3 Months

This company needed to expand it's service team across the United States. They require specific licenses and needed LinkedIn's targeting options to find those people.

We used Sponsored InMail ads on LinkedIn to only invite qualified prospects to apply to the open positions.

The campaign ran for 3 months and signed up 597 applicants!

facebook ad for tech startupfacebook performance dashboard showing installs and cost per install
facebook ad for tech startup

🏈 New Athletic Equipment Sells $40,000+/Month to NFL Teams & CrossFit Gyms


This new exercise product is loved by coaches, teams, and athletes, but was only being sold through word of mouth in the sports industry.

We launched e-commerce advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google to expand their visibility and get in front of their target markets—NFL & NCAA teams, CrossFit gyms, and strength & conditioning coaches.

Our advertising campaigns helped this company reach new audiences and retarget existing prospective customers, resulting in over $40,000 in sales and over 10X ROAS (return on ad spend).

They also added over 4,000 new subscribers to their email list just in a couple months.

This product continues to grow at an accelerating rate as the ads continue to go viral, further increasing their exposure and visibility with the sports performance audiences.


facebook ad for buying athletic equipment
Google AdWords sales conversion report

💻 Software Development Agency Gets 25+ B2B Leads/Week

This software development firm was looking to attract new prospects needing enterprise development services.

Through our Strategy Phase, we helped identify their differentiators and create lead magnets to highlight their specialized services.

Using LinkedIn Ads, we created campaigns targeting technology decision makers in their selected industries... such as CTOs, CMOs, and Product Managers.

These lead magnet campaigns help them attract 25+ new prospects/week!

linkedin advertisement for software dev agency