Five Reasons You Should Invest in Lead Generation – in Addition to Finding Leads

Anthony BlatnerLead Generation, Sales Prospecting, Social Selling

It’s the end of quarter one, you have some space leftover in the budget, and you’re wondering whether continuing the lead generation campaign in the coming months is worth the investment. Sure, you’ll generate more leads, maybe you’ll even make the sale a couple more times – but you may be asking yourself whether you’ll close enough to warrant another quarter of campaigning.

We are in agreement that leads generated is the overarching metric that defines the success or failure of a campaign. However, we also believe that our clients should include several other metrics when considering whether a campaign is “worth it.”

Here are five reasons why lead generation is a long term strategy – especially when the immediate heat starts to fizzle out:

Number One: Network Building/Brand Awareness

This may seem obvious, but believe it or not, networking and brand awareness are super important parts of any marketing strategy! After all, if no one knows who you are and what your organization is about, it’s almost impossible to expect them to think of you first when they develop a need for your product or service.

With one of our campaigns, you have access to hundreds prospects, so why not put that tool to use? Even if these people aren’t translating into direct sales, you still have more connections and resources than you did before. And sometimes, these can turn into customers farther down the road, especially if you’re also posting regularly and getting your name out.

For more information on how to create successful posts, click here!

Number Two: Message Trialing

If you have experience running any sort of marketing campaign, you’ll know that every human being receives messages differently. This is especially true when pitching the same product to people in separate industries or job titles.

Imagine you have two personas: Holly from HR and Michael from manufacturing.

Even if you’re just selling a coffee maker for the office, you will still need to pitch these people with different messages. You may approach Holly with the idea that easy-access coffee will make her team more engaged during meetings; whereas, Michael may be more concerned with ensuring his team stays productive. These may sound like the same message, but Holly and Michael will react to different buzz words.

When you run a campaign with us, we will write your scripts with industry insight in mind. Plus, we will make edits to your scripts as needed, in order to make sure we’re using the most effective wording possible when it comes to getting your message out.

What this means is that you get to see which messaging works best for your specific audience/audiences!

Number Three: Database of Contact Information

Guess what you need to run an email newsletter? Email addresses or, more specifically, readers.

When you run a campaign with us, our software makes it possible to pull email addresses and phone numbers from public LinkedIn accounts. This creates a list of email addresses that you have full access to, even beyond the point when you wrap up your account. After just 90 days with us, this list reaches thousands of emails, and every name on it is someone who has received at least one message from you.

Think about it this way: if we start with a list of 1,000 names, chances are most of these people have never heard your name or brand. After a couple of months, this list of names will have heard at least your first message, which means they are primed candidates for a drip campaign, a call list, or a newsletter database.

Speedwork lead generation isn’t just an isolated instance of social media marketing. It can help lay an actionable foundation for multi-channel marketing for months and even years to come. Spending $2400 for something like this is a great deal when you consider how many companies are purchasing unethically sourced email lists from other platforms.

We put in the work to pair email addresses with real, warm, human interactions. That’s priceless!

Number Four: Market Insight

No matter the age of their companies, our customers come to us frequently with no real data on who their audience vertical might really be. Of course they know who they built their offer for, but unfortunately the intended audience isn’t always the actual audience.

Speedwork messaging campaigns allow you to access a “trial in a bag” so to speak. You can start with two audience verticals, test them for a month, and easily track the quality and quantity of engagement that they get from those prospects. Not only that, but you can begin to rank industries, job titles, company sizes and more according to how excited they are about the product or service we’re placing before them.

We’ve had clients learn quickly that while their offer may be built for restauranteurs, it can also be used in fields like construction or manufacturing. Now that they have the verifiable data to prove this, they have the confidence they need to begin generating curated content for those verticals.

Our clients leave us informed as to who wants to hear from them and at what rate. Very frequently, they find information that they didn’t anticipate. This can fully change the direction of their marketing and advertising efforts.

Number Five: Event Promotion

Many of our clients will also use our services to promote their events. Here’s an example of what this may look like:

Michael, our imaginary customer in the industry, is about to attend a national conference next month. For the sake of this example, let’s say he’s going to be hosting a panel, which is also being streamed online. He has thirty days to spread the word, otherwise his event will flop.

That’s when he made the decision to explore lead generation.

With our campaigns, we have helped clients promote similar events in the past. We mentioned before that we reach out to 300 people every week per campaign. For Michael, who only has a month to prepare, this means that approximately 1200 people will hear about his event and decide whether it makes sense to attend.

Now, let’s say that you’ve done the heavy lifting of building your brand awareness, collecting emails, testing your messaging, and so forth. Your prospects already know your name and brand. You have people in your back pocket that you don’t need to re-pitch. This only serves to boost the success of your campaign! Plus, you could tailor any posts to help you promote your event among your bank of connections. 

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